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Established in 2007, Spacial Effects Design is a full service interior design firm creating custom designs for residential and commercial projects. From New builds or renovations to furniture plans and styling, we work to provide our clients with a unified approach of technical knowledge and aesthetic sophistication, all done with a sense of humor and fun loving attitude.

With a combined total of over 50 years experience within the design/build industry, our team believes in delivering every project with the highest integrity and utmost respect for our clients’ budgets and timelines. We work seamlessly with your (or our) Architect, Engineer and/or builder to bring you specialized planning from the very shell of your project’s concept right through to the smallest finishing touch of completion.


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Custom for you at the click of a button. If you know what you want  you can GET STARTED NOW or if you have more questions, you can email us or chat live with one of our designers.We approach the design process as a progression of three distinct phases:  Consultation, Project Design/Material Selection, and Implementation. We are accustomed to working with clients remotely, so our

e-design service is just a branch off from that. 


Industrial Style Dining Room

We, at Spacial Effects Design, specialize in all services relating to the design/ build industry, promote and deal in exceptionally crafted finishing products and deliver a professional and executive approach to our client base. We will responsibly guide through every aspect of the design/build process; 

create one-of-a-kind designs that embody the unique characteristics of our clients, and use innovative design elements that bring any vision to life.

building plans.



We believe in quality fair trade goods, so we do our best to fabricate a lot of our own products and goods and retail a few more of our favourite brands. These products are not only available through our retail shop but also available via our soon to come Eshop...

Most things are customizable and we can help you make decisions or source products right away by chatting with us live.

There is a large white vase, a black vase, and a short brown vase.
Grey and black sample, circular wood materials, candle decor, and light, brown leaf.
SED Logo.
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