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Capturing Your Style. . .


Our designers use fundamental design principals to bring together your own unique, decorative tastes.  We provide accents and final touches that put your creative signature on your personal space.  Having a “keen eye” for space and balance, we maintain functional spacial arrangement and provide harmony for your overall design aesthetic.  The array of decorative services we offer combine perceptions, relations and effective coordination of materials, colors and space utilization











Downsizing. . .


Struggling with location choices? Maybe, you are just trying to harmonize your treasured and eclectic collection of Furnishings, Art and Decor?  Whatever the case, we will help you pull it all together.  Our interior decorators will: edit your current Decor and Furnishings to ensure consistency and continuity with the ‘feel’ and look you are trying to achieve; we will plan your space to create ideal flow and function; and, we will identify gaps and recommend new items to complete that special effect your personal space may require.


Select the Perfect Colors. . .


to achieve the look and feel you are searching for, while complementing existing furnishings and structural details.  Our understanding of visible light and how it interacts with, and sometimes transforms, hue, tones and shades, can provide awareness of considerations not typically addressed.  Studies, do show, how color can influence our emotions and comforts, both in positive and negative ways.  By observing what colors you currently surround yourself with in life, we can determine your color preferences and coordinate them to fit as a functional design element of your home.


in the design process is material selection, especilly for your hard case surfaces such as cabinets, counter top, flooring, and tiles.  Whether you are trying to make one room conform to your current style theme, or, you require a remodel of your whole home to establish your style and tastes, the selection of the finishing materials is one of the most enjoyable parts of a project.  Sometimes the number of products required can make it a task that can be a little daunting, but our Showroom staff are knowledgeable about all of the products you will need to complete your project.

 Every space is different. It is important, as a whole, everything works together to avoid shock every time you change rooms. The use of opposing or complimentary textures, styles and shapes with different materials to enhance your atmosphere is the icing on the cake, with the candles and sparklers of course.  Our staff will use their extensive product knowledge whether it is window treatments or decorative surfaces, to help achieve that creative and inspired look you have envisioned.

A Very Important Step. . .


Luxuriate Or Simplify. . .

your space with lavish and extravagant furnishings and adornments, or surround yourself with minima and primary essentials.  Our interior decorators can put your furnishing and decor ideas into perspective with impeccable direction towards scale, flow and equilibrium.  To compliment all of your structural and ambient design elements, our decorators will incorporate more than just the looks, but will also identify functional and operational needs to select sensible and appropriate choices.


No! That is Not a Typo. . .


We love to shop, and this service is one of our favorite aspects of any decorating project; as we set out to purchase and acquire the necessary components for your space.

We can accompany you to a variety of shopping destinations, advising you along the way of considerations, and functional requirements that need to be met; or, we can establish your selections beforehand, and shop on your behalf. 

As we constantly observe the market for cutting edge new products, trends and variety, we can streamline your shopping experiences to avoid the hundreds of “No’s” before discovering a “Yes”, saving you an immense amount of time, money and often frustration.

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