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Create the Stunning Space You Deserve. . .


a dynamic interior that will improve your quality of life, bringing you organization, functionality and productivity.  In an oasis offering personal renewal and endless enjoyment of your own aesthetic vision; have it brought to life by our creative and skilled Interior Design professionals.



The Creation. . .

of an organically functional and aesthetically beautiful space, whether for living, working or entertaining, requires a multitude of technical and social skills from an interior designer.  Apart from personable qualities, this skill set includes: A demonstrated capacity for actively listening to, and skillfully discerning the needs, wants, and ideas of the client; Industry product knowledge and technical expertise; and an enhanced sense and knowledge of styles and trends.

The understanding of structural, mechanical and electrical limitations, as well as local building codes and fire regulations, are just a few things that need careful consideration in a well-planned interior design.  Renovation, new build, or just redesigning an existing space, your interior design project incorporates many, perhaps all, of these factors.


Knowing where to find these answers can present its’ own set of challenges and be quite overwhelming for the novice.  Our interior design professionals have all of the skills necessary to ‘expertly’ customize a proposal to suit your needs saving you time, money and uncertainty.


A Well-Designed Kitchen. . .


will simplify and, make effortless, organizing the everyday tasks of your life, resulting in higher productivity and maybe even a little more leisure time.  Your distinct kitchen design will reflect and address the demands and needs of you and your lifestyle.  As well, your design will focus on and be mindful of your personal aesthetics and vision. 


 Typically the most actively used room in the home, analyzing the functions, needs and resources that are required by your designer kitchen, is a vital element for success.  With the incredible amount of pieces and moving parts, knowing how to place and organize them while maintaining proportions and balance, and at the same time preserving the integrity of your unique design, is the product of a proficiency that comes from extensive study and experience.  The proper execution of your kitchen design is critical to the successful outcome of your project and typically involves a close collaboration between the designer and the trades that are executing the installation.   This collaboration is necessary to avoid common, and often expensive oversights or, in the case of complex design details, ensure their accurate interpretation and therefore proper execution on site.


The Most Personal. . .


and private room in the home, a bathroom is where most of us begin and end our daily activity.  The evolution of the bathroom in the past few decades has seen it go from a strictly utilitarian space for personal hygiene needs to a space that is also expected to provide psychological renewal.  Consequently, the bathroom has come to also be viewed as a haven for stress reduction and, therefore primary focus is on aesthetic appeal, and luxurious features, designed for personal relaxation.


Containing the largest amount of mechanical implements, moisture susceptibility issues and, mobility restrictions, this conventionally small space requires sensible planning, product selection and space coordination.  Project costs can quickly increase when relocation of plumbing fixtures is desired.   Our designers observe and analyze what best fits the existing space, budget and overall design aesthetic, and will suggest when such relocation are feasible and whether they are indicated.


A Blank Canvas. . .


that is brought to life from a carefully chosen design palette.  This ultimate design opportunity offers complete customization of your surroundings and provides the best option to fulfill all of your lifestyle needs and desires.  A new home design will embody every aspect of our Design, Building, and Project Management Services. 


As the many skills and products needed to accomplish your dream home depend on professional expertise, consulting or hiring a skilled and experienced interior designer of your new home is fast becoming a vital, and valuable, resource of sensible home design and will enhance the successful outcome of your project.  Your designer will incorporate your personal needs, wants, and desires into a solid working plan that will provide direction for your projects realization on time and within budget.


Enhance Your Home. . .


with personal or inspirational features that will indulge your most compelling interests or hobbies.  Maybe you have dreamt of your own wine room, or perhaps a gift-wrapping room to cope with the numerous gift occasions that arise or, even an outdoor living space.  Our Custom Specialty Design Service is a sure route to achieving the exact outcome you envision. Whether specialty rooms, or design of specialized built in pieces such as an entertainment center, or wet bar etc., special focus to the individual needs, attention to detail and aesthetics are carefully balanced with function and ergonomics to achieve the desired result. 

Popular examples of specialty designs include, but are not limited to:    

  • Walk-in closets & various built in storage units;


  • Bars & Wine Rooms;


  • Games Rooms & Gift Wrapping Rooms;


  • Media Rooms & Outdoor Living Rooms/Kitchens…


An Existing Facility or

A New Project. . .


we offer full design and project management services for a multitude of light-commercial projects. Our previous commercial projects have included Retail Spaces and Showrooms; Reception and Foyer Areas; Office Suites; Industrial Services and Trade Show Displays.  


The invaluable contribution a professional designer will make to your commercial design lay in the consideration of how the space is used, the type of clientele you have, or want to deal with, as well as what the space requires to operate your business.


 We take commercial design to the next level by implementing your companies’ image and brand recognition into the design features of your space. We utilize our vast array of materials & products that meet commercial grade standards and codes, with above average performance and attractive qualities, to best portray your businesses appearance.  An impeccable commercial design will give your clients the feeling of comfort and security that they are in the right place.


Exterior Spaces Deserve

As Much Attention. . .


as interiors, to be beautiful, luxurious and functional. This space is an important one for those who entertain or just love being outside, as atmosphere can affect one’s feelings and comforts, and suiting an exterior to meet yours is no different.


Setting the mood in an exterior space with the right decorative products needs to be approached sensibly. Earth, water and fire elements can quickly seduce your imagination and creativity, but creating a well-balanced and proportioned space takes practice and an expert eye.

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