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What We Have to Offer . . . CUSTOM For You


Spacial Effects Design’s scope of services can deliver on a multitude of project needs and provide comprehensive insight and direction into all areas pertaining to the design-build and decorating fields.


Our talented design professionals are passionate about their work and it is reflected in their personal connection to each new project. You can view our most popular services below OR explore the secondary pages for a comprehensive breakdown of each service.



When commissioning a Design/Build firm for your project the designer and contractor work in partnership to ensure the project meets the design, budget and timeline requirements. If, and when, issues arise on site, the design build team can react quickly and effectively together reducing delay, corruption of aesthetic integrity, and budget inflation.  The joint operation also offers a bridge for you to relay your needs and preferences through a designer who formulates them for construction and installation specifications. 


With professional builders, trades and installers, there is no risk of voiding the manufacturers' warranties on materials and products, and their services are guaranteed.  We engage in all types of build projects, from renovations and updates to new construction and development.  Our project management capabilities reach from residential to light commercial and provide coherent solutions to maximize a successful design-build plan. Our designers are involved during the build process always keeping you informed and updated of the status, progress and conflicts while representing your needs and concerns to the builders, contractors and fabricators.

Your design service package will be met with second to none professionalism and a commitment to your aspirations and what matters to you. A personal design is built around your criteria and our recommendations, thus allowing your space to meet its full potential.  These personalized services bring expert coordination and creative input together through project management, resulting in a design reflecting your individual aesthetic.

Our designers use fundamental design principals to capture your decorative tastes and unique style.  We provide accents and final touches that put your creative signature in you personal space.  Having a “keen eye” for space and balance, we maintain functional spacial arrangement and provide harmony for your overall design aesthetic.  The array of decorative services we offer combine perceptions, relations and effective coordination of materials, colors and space utilization.

Your new home or renovation project needs can all be met under one roof. At Spacial Effects Design, where, from conception to completion. . . we’re all in.

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