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Commercial interior design of the restaurant in Richmond B.C.
White arches and shelves in Langley B.C.
Bowls of natural herbs.
Plate full of food.
Commercial interior design of two yellow sofa chairs in Vancouver B.C.
Detailed shot of rope knots.
Commercial interior design of The Fish Man restaurant in Richmond B.C.
Steaming coming from dumplings.
Little Attic's Neverland sign, white tiles, and faucet.
Green moss wall and floating shelf.
Glass gold, striped vases on floating shelf.
T shirt rack.
Moon light fixture and plants hanging from the ceiling.
Floating clouds.
Spherical light fixtures and green plants hanging from the ceiling.
Detailed shot of patterns on the ceiling.
Close up shot of two yellow sofa chairs and moon light fixture.
Wide shot of a retail space and cafe.
Ice cream in a white bowl.
Black and white marble countertop and white cabinets.
Three cups of coffee.
Wine glass on a table.
Textured wallpaper and tungsten light fixtures in the restaurant.
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