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Modern Maple Ridge Garden Home

Modern home with a black door, mirror, black light fixtures, and black cabinets in Maple Ridge B.C.
Modern living room with grey sofa, a white pillow, and double sided fireplace.
Modern living room with a grey sofa, two white chairs, and a double sided fireplace.
Two black hanging light fixtures.
Brown cabinet with metal feet, brown and white decor piece, and a succulent plant in a pot.
Grey bathroom countertop, mirror mounted faucet, and wooden floating shelf with plants on top.
Sunlight on two white sofa chairs.
Wooden chair and white concrete table.
Dinning room with white concrete table and black candle holders in Maple Ridge B.C.
Custom kitchen design with four brown velvet chairs, black light fixtures, and black cabinets.
Hanging custom, crystal pendant chandelier.
The dinning room with grey chairs and crystal pendant light fixtures in Maple Ridge B.C.
A close up of two brown velvet chairs and the wooden countertop.
A side angle of the wooden countertop and brown velvet chairs.
Two black cabinet drawers extended.
Three piece painting, brown and white decor piece, and a succulent plant in a grey white pot.
A front angle view of the master bedroom with large windows, pink pillows, and a pink blanket.
Succulent plant in a black pot casting a reflection in the mirror.
A side angle view of the master bedroom with pink pillows and pink blanket.
Close up of pink pillows.
The master bedroom with pink pillows, a pink blanket, and glass shower doors in the background.
Black sculpture on a brown, wooden table besides a succulent plant on a white pot.
Marble shower room, glass doors, and wooden cabinets.
Marble shower bench and black floor tiles.
Grey chairs, grey table, plant decor, and outdoor sofa on the outdoor patio.
Outdoor plant decor, black and white striped pot, wooden stump, and an outdoor sofa.
Silver light fixtures hanging above, grey bathroom countertop, and wooden cabinet drawers.
Close up of outside patio with styled grey and white outdoor sofa, and two outdoor sofa chairs.
Aerial view of the modern Maple Ridge garden home.
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